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All I know to be is doing what I love, and what I love to do is art. From graphic design to photography to fine art, I love to do it all. My experiences as a student has taught me many ways to create better design as well as more expressive art. From learning the intricacies of Adobe Creative Suite to the delicacies of letterpress and silk screen printing, I find myself to be a more well-rounded, ambitious, and creative individual. With all of this at my disposal, there is no limit to what I can create.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Talofa Enrichment Center Branding Project

Stationery System
Detail: Envelope
Detail: Business Card
Detail: Letterhead

Information Brochure

Various Practical Applications

The concept behind this project is, in a nutshell, "Home is where the heart is." Growing up being half Samoan and half Caucasian, I didn't learn the native language of my father's family. Having a strong desire to connect with my culture, I made up this organization and based my designs on elements of the Polynesian culture. The core identity is a depiction of the Samoan 'fale' which translates as house or home. The fale represents a place to discover where your roots lie and where you come from. This organization is one where the Polynesian people and culture are celebrated through various activities, classes, and events. To further capture the essence of the organization, I created a secondary graphic based on the woven patterns of many Polynesian apparel and decoration. I've applied both the core identity and secondary graphics to various relevant applications.

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