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All I know to be is doing what I love, and what I love to do is art. From graphic design to photography to fine art, I love to do it all. My experiences as a student has taught me many ways to create better design as well as more expressive art. From learning the intricacies of Adobe Creative Suite to the delicacies of letterpress and silk screen printing, I find myself to be a more well-rounded, ambitious, and creative individual. With all of this at my disposal, there is no limit to what I can create.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heaven. Or the Closest Thing To It.

Front Cover

Sample Spread
Sample Story Page
Sample Recipe Page
Film Negatives and Resulting Polymer Plates

This is my final Letterpress Printing project. The project was to create a book using multiple printing techniques. I decided to make a recipe book, but not just any regular old recipe book, but a decadent chocolate recipe book that had a story to accompany the recipes. I wrote a story about love and decadence, and as you read the story you come across various chocolate recipes and at first, you have no idea who the subject of love for the narrator is until the end when it is revealed that her love affair has been with chocolate. The story side of each spread is handwritten, but I used polymer plates to reproduce the story the same in each copy of the book as well as create a diary-like feeling. The recipes (there are about 10) are handset in lead type. The background image is created using a pressure printing technique. The front and back covers and ribbons are chosen carefully so at first glance, the book looks as if it was a chocolate gift box.

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