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All I know to be is doing what I love, and what I love to do is art. From graphic design to photography to fine art, I love to do it all. My experiences as a student has taught me many ways to create better design as well as more expressive art. From learning the intricacies of Adobe Creative Suite to the delicacies of letterpress and silk screen printing, I find myself to be a more well-rounded, ambitious, and creative individual. With all of this at my disposal, there is no limit to what I can create.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Selina's So Cool Silkscreened Poster

Initial Poster Design
Final Poster
Detail 1
Detail 2

One of the projects I did during my Silkscreen 1 class. My younger sister is the subject of the poster because just like most sister rivalries, I wanted to poke a little fun at her and how awesome she thought she was. Using King Kong in the design is more of an inside joke between me and her, but the penguins are there because they are her favorite animal. Overall, there are about 13-14 runs to get the image completed. Detail 2 was printed using the CMYK technique, where I took the pictures in Photoshop and broke up the image into screens of a low resolution of each of the four colors that make up the image; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. I then printed each screen on top of one another to get such an effect as seen in Detail 2. King Kong at the top is printed using a gradient, or two different colored inks in the same run to achieve a certain gradient.

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