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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

True Blue Midterm Book Arts Project

True Blue
by Natasha Mao

The crashing waves bring with them a true blue feeling that I am unable to create or describe, yet feel so prominently.
True blue. I will try.
Heaps of blue hearts piled high atop a flat hope that sinks beneath an unwavering falsehood.
Aches and pains streaming across blank plains of fading life.
Whimpers and pleas go unheard in this universe of misplaced fortune.
Rivers flowing with the weakest current to place not worth a word. A true blue place.
Swirling lost dreams within a block hole of doubt and dissatisfaction.
Lying in a pasture that reeks of a  rotting love as the stench of betrayal pervades the soul.
Clouded by a mysterious gas of brokenness that unleashes my fears and breathes into them horrific life.
Forgotten in a place that stifle thought and suffocates speech.
A place to be but never to leave.
True blue.

True Blue Front Cover
Spread 1
Detail: Spread 1
Spread 2
Detail: Spread 2
Spread 2

Detail: Spread 2
Final Spread

When mid-terms came around in my Book Arts class, we had learned several book structures, and our project was to create a conceptual book based on any of the structures we learned. I took the basic accordion fold to make my book. My project was based on a poem I wroteabove called "True Blue". The images and color scheme were chosen based on the words and imagery I had used.

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